Seasonal offer – Duck feast


 Alerg.100gFatted duck liver with a caramelized red onion11,90 eur
1;3;1ksPotatoe pancake “lokša” stuffed with duck liver3,90 eur
1;3;9;0,3lStrong duck broth with home made noodles and vegetables4,50 eur
7;0,3lPumpkin cream soup with roasted pumpkin seeds and with pumpkin oil4,50 eur


1;3;12;500gRoast duck, red stewed cabbage, 2 potatoe pancakes “lokše”17,90 eur
7;12;200gDuck breast on mashed black lentils with orange reduction18,90 eur
7;200gGrilled pork tenderloin stuffed with smoked duck breasts, served with pumpkin purree and grilled peas pods16,90 eur


1;3;80gPotatoe pancake “lokša” with plum jam and poppy seeds4,50 eur
3;7;150gCarrot cake from spelled flour, with cinnamon and white chocolate foam / gluten free /4,90 eur